Whats the cheapest method of clearing grease from a blocked drain?

The drain to my house was blocked and Dynorod needed 2 attempts to clear it due to grease. I would like a cheap way to degrease my drains. Any ideas? ive tried bleach. Ive heard of caustic soda crystals. Any one help out here? Thanks
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  1. Raquel Curran Said:

    the cheapest way is dont put the grease down the drain in the first place

  2. Savanna Tompkins Said:

    Coke (as in coca-cola), soda crystals, gallons of jif lemon juice…

  3. Cooper 154 Said:

    yeah, the caustic soda works pretty well, put them down your drain and follow the instruction on the package, usually to pour in boiling water or the like.
    It also makes a really cool sound!

  4. Trystan Matthews Said:

    mr muscle … loves the jobs you hate …. i think its cheap 2

  5. Malcolm Southall Said:

    Dump baking soda in the drain, pour vinegar over it, wait several minutes until the baking soda dissolves then run hot water for 1 minute. Do this periodically to keep your drain clean.

  6. Margaret Upton Said:

    Cillit Bang

  7. Phoebe Bray Said:

    Use soda crystals on outside drains as they are caustic and would melt plastic. If this is done regularly eg monthly it should help

  8. Jaylah Driscoll Said:

    try regularly running the hot water for 5 mins at a time,also lemon juice,but even better costco wholesale sales an item called oil eater works pretty good ,try it, but again, it requires regular use

  9. Danna Dodds Said:

    apparently Soda Crystals

  10. Hamza 202 Said:

    Hot, hot, hot water.. boiling water, will cause the greese to melt.. and remember to not put greese inthe drain again.. When I drain hamburger I run hot water while I am draining, that way the greese stays warm, and liquid until it is out of my pipes.

  11. Johnny Myers Said:

    Liquid Plumber foaming pipe snake, it’s like $3 at the store and will completely clear your drain.

  12. Brett Beasley Said:

    soda crystals or white spririt they both should cut through the grease! -x-

  13. Salma Goode Said:

    Try using white vinegar and baking soda.

  14. Dante Shakeshaft Said:

    I agree with adrianne. this method was demonstrated on how clean is your house.

  15. Kaleigh139 Said:

    I think if you use the home made ones they won’t be strong enough. If I get a blocked drain I buy the Mr Muscle bottle with 2 types of liquid which mix together when you pour it down. You leave it for an hour and then pour boiling water down it to clear it. I think it’s about £3 a bottle but you use the whole bottle and only need one per drain.

  16. Justin Manchester Said:

    The best Ive found is a liquid bottle in a plastic overwrap. Industrial strength so read all cautions, an overnight fix!

  17. Larry Philpott Said:

    1/2 cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by 1/2 cup of white vinegar and a kettle full of boiling water. repeat as necessary. This is an effective and enviromentally friendly way to keep drains clear.

  18. Aron Daly Said:

    Caustic soda! Fill a bucket with boiling or hot water,
    Add about half a tub of crystals gently, wait for the aggression to die down, then pour down drain, slowly
    Any splashes to the skin will leave you scarred!!!
    it cost about £1.50

  19. Joselyn Wallis Said:

    vinegar baking soda;put dry baking soda down drain,then poor in the vinegar.it will fome up and clear your drain with out toxens.clear with boilling hot water will help desalve the grease.

  20. Mercedes8 Said:

    boiling hot water washing up liquid try and clear out as much grease as possible manually don’t get the drain doctor they are rubbish

  21. Adriana Gough Said:

    Once the drain is running caustic soda should clear the problem,
    I cleared drains for my local authority/council for fifteen years, and if you dont scrape plates of fat before washing it can quickly develop into an expensive problem!
    once past your outside gulley the water cools rapidly and coats the sides of the drain with the fat, after a while the lighter oils are removed leaving a chalk like substance that is very hard to remove.
    L/A make cafe’s and take-aways fit grease traps to stop the problem.

  22. Maddison Demetriou Said:

    there is a magic bottle available from your local plumbers merchant half sulphuric acid half nuclear waste , read the instructions its about £25.00

  23. Jovan Rawlings Said:

    The best way is avoidance… alternatively Boiling water down the sink, after the accident has occurred. this will dissolve the grease and prevent build up… but really you should not be putting grease down there anyway!

  24. Nikolai Duff Said:

    This stuff works miracles! Go to your Home Depot or Lowe’s and look in the drain cleaner section for Instant Power Drain Opener, It is a chemical that melts grease and hair. It is in a black bottle inside a plastic bag. Costs about 8 or 9 bucks, but well worth it!

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